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We are a family business dedicated to the manufacture and trade of socks.


Our factories have different production lines depending on the product to be woven, including from the thickest to the thinnest gauges. At each stage of the production process, we have the most demanding quality controls in order to give the best service to our customers.

In the knitting process, a first visual control of all the socks is carried out by specialised personnel, ensuring that all the production is carried out as programmed, without faults and with the measurements stipulated for that product. For this purpose, we use the most accurate measuring machines, and all of this is carried out in accordance with the standards of our quality assurance and certification systems.


The ironing process is crucial to ensure the quality of the product. Therefore, we use the best equipment. The Heliot Socksteam iron is capable of producing up to 1440 pairs of socks per hour. The temperature is independent and adjustable and allows each product to be treated according to its material and characteristics. The socks are treated with pressurised steam for ten seconds at maximum speed, ensuring very high output and consistent quality.

Quality control is further enhanced during the ironing and labelling process. Each article is checked individually. All production runs are numbered to ensure full traceability of the articles throughout the entire process. We have three ironing machines available to give the best quality and finish to the socks.


We have an innovative logistics control thanks to RFID technology, an intelligent labelling system. This technology not only provides traceability but also rapid transmission of information, which makes many of the most dreaded tasks for any textile company as easy as possible: warehouse or shop inventories and garment supply, among others.

Raw materials

Raw materials are an essential element within the company and the most important part in order to be able to offer products with an unbeatable quality.

At Grupo EME we care about the environment and that is why we look for the best materials for our products.

COOLMAX® is a high performance fabric for sportswear, which contributes to the athletic performance of the wearer. Using COOLMAX® fibre technology, it transports sweat away from the body to the outermost layers of the weave so that it is wicked away and the body stays cool, dry and comfortable.

THERMOLITE® provides warmth and comfort without weight. Hollow fibre core technology offers maximum warmth with minimum weight. Moves sweat out 40% faster than the best thermal fabric. Resists mildew and odour retention.

X-STATIC® is a polyamide fibre woven with a layer of pure natural silver. The best microbial protection that won’t wear off. X-STATIC® continuously emits silver ions to disintegrate the molecular structure of germs by eliminating the hydrogen in the DNA. The germ, unable to breathe, dies. Another unique property of X-STATIC® is the ability to absorb electrical discharges. It is therefore antistatic. As the electrical discharges pass through the silver, a magnetic field is formed around the sock which improves circulation.

OUTLAST® is a patented smart fibre with integrated microcapsules. When the foot warms up, the Outlast® fibre cools it down. When the foot cools down, the warmth fibre has been stored to make the foot feel warmer. Outlast® products significantly improve comfort.

MERINO WOOL is used in the production of high quality wool fabrics and knits. It is the finest wool available and guarantees softness and warmth.

COTTON is a natural vegetable fibre used as a raw material for the manufacture of fabrics and clothing.

Its widespread use is mainly due to the ease with which the fibre can be plaited into yarns. The strength, absorbency and ease of washing and dyeing also contribute to cotton’s suitability for a wide variety of textiles.

  • ORGANIC: Organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides and its seeds are not genetically modified. It requires 90 per cent less water and 60 per cent less energy to grow.
  • BCI: Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organisation that brings together all the actors involved in cotton production to guarantee the quality of life of producers and environmental improvement.
  • RECYCLED: Recycled cotton uses 80% less water than conventional cotton cultivation.

LYCRA® fibre guarantees an optimal fit, which is perfect for sports socks that require high performance.

Certificates and quality

Grupo EME is a member of AEGP (Spanish Knitwear Association), AEPV (Villalonquéjar Industrial Estate Business Association) and is also a member of ECOEMBES, AITEX and AECOC. All our products are manufactured in Spain. Our company is committed to the production process eliminating any type of child labour. We are also committed to the environment by manufacturing products that comply with environmental regulations.

Our management system has been audited by Bureau Veritas. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for all our sock design, production and marketing processes. We are also ISO 14001:2015 certified. Both certificates verify that the company has an exhaustive Quality and Environmental Control System in the manufacturing processes of the articles, from the designs until the final consumer purchases the products.

In the ironing process and subsequent labelling, quality control is even more extreme. Each article is checked individually. All production runs are numbered to ensure full traceability of the articles throughout the entire process. We have three ironing machines available to give the best quality and finish to the socks.

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