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The detail and technology we apply in the production of each piece is the result of the greatest textile innovation.



Grupo EME is formed by a young and dynamic team that is constantly searching for new materials, suppliers and technology that can adapt perfectly to all the needs that our customers demand.

We design in a personalised way according to the needs of our clients and we help them to differentiate themselves from the competition. We try to achieve an image adapted to market trends and thus offer an attractive product to the consumer’s eye. Each new collection is a challenge to add fresh ideas, new designs, new colours…

We use the most innovative design tools and software, applying 3D simulation. In this way designs can be planned, changed and evaluated during the planning and design stages of the collection, using “virtual samples” created by simulations.

We eliminate the need for samples because it is realistic enough to be considered as a real product, which shortens lead times for product development. It reduces cost, saves time and increases flexibility.


Tailor-made solutions

Our key asset are flexibility and the development of tailor-made solutions for each client. We offer a comprehensive service ranging from the development and manufacture of collections, finishing solutions, packaging, labelling… to the constitution of safety stocks with immediate service for strategic and high turnover items or references.

Reduction of minimum purchase quantities and rapid adaptation to changes in consumer tastes and preferences.

Simplification and reduction of logistics costs.

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